Practitioners Research and Scholarship Institute


PRASI supports the production of a new literature reflecting knowledge and experience of often-unheard peoples through:

1       Writing retreats, offering participants the “space,” mentoring, and opportunity for being in community with other writers, all of which serve to advance their writing goals.

2       Writer Scholars, individual practitioners selected for their interest in writing and desire to publish on conflict resolution issues uniquely relevant to communities of color.  This project re-defines the term scholarship to include indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing, community knowledge, oral communications, personal, volunteer and work experiences as viable and worthy information.

3       Workshops, conducted at conferences and other venues, helping people overcome barriers to writing, as well as teaching writing skills and creating networks for on-going peer support for writing.

4       Writing Talking Circles, on-going groups of community activists who meet at regular intervals to talk and write their stories.

5       Peacemakers Make Poetry, programs in public schools encouraging young people to capture their feelings and experiences of peace and conflict in the creative forms



PRASI supports the publication of a new literature through:

1      Collecting old and new writings in an anthology compiled through a process of on-going dialogues and seminars focused on individuals practicing in a variety of places and ways. Publication is anticipated early in 2006.

2       Collaborations with journals, both academic and practice-oriented.

3       Anticipated on-line journal, coming soon.

4       Networking people and papers through dialogue and conferencing.




PRASI involves an extensive network of people from many backgrounds. PRASI is distinguished by the diversity of its founders, leadership, and participants, in terms of approaches to practice, intellectual orientations, and professional background as well as identity. We welcome ideas and energy.


PRASI conducts symposia and initiates research projects on questions of concern to the field of conflict resolution, particularly issues of multiculturalism and research needs.


PRASI is a program of the North Berkeley Institute for Personal and Social Change, a 501(c)3 organization that sponsors a variety of programs in education and community development. 


1.  Convene a PRASI talking and writing community circle of practitioners in your community or online at the PRASI website.

2.  Express an interest and agree to work on building a relationship with someone who is different from you in the field. Build a multicultural mentorship opportunity with another practitioner, researcher or scholar.

3.  Send PRASI a resource to share in an anthology or on the PRASI website.

4.  Share knowledge with us in a way that is most familiar with you.

5.  Sign up for an interview or recommend someone you think PRASI should interview.

6.  Ask about joining or suggest someone to participate in the PRASI think tank, Anthology Discussions, Practitioners Roundtable or the Practitioners Review Panel.

7.  Be a PRASI volunteer, offer publication information or referrals.

8.  Inform PRASI of research ideas, research sites, research questions, research methods, scholars, resources, and work of importance to you

9. Tell PRASI about your work or join us at a conference or writing retreat.

10.  Keep a Journal

11.  Be a writing Buddy or Coach

12.  Let us interview you


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